Scothern Parish Neighbourhood Plan

"We will be a thriving, supportive, rural community in which people enjoy living and working."

Final Neighbourhood Plan for Scothern published following examination

Scothern Parish Council has published a final version of the Neighbourhood plan following its Regulation 17 examination.

Apart from minor wording adjustments, there are two policy changes.

  1. The Heritage Assets policy (D2) has been deleted and the list of locally important buildings has been incorporated into the Character Assessment.
  2. Manor Park/ Paddock and the Bottle & Glass garden have been removed from the Local Green Spaces policy (E1).

Remaining Stages are:
  • Referendum of Scothern electors (January 2017) image icon pdf document Read the Referendum Notice
  • Adoption by WLDC providing 50% of all who cast a vote in a referendum to accept the plan agree

Submitted documents

In 2015, the Parish Council backed the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of the Parish of Scothern.

A good Neighbourhood Plan considers all aspects of its community. Ours will cover businesses, schools, medical facilities, environmental concerns, community facilities and housing. Once adopted, a plan has to be taken into account in planning decisions and will endure for twenty years. Scothern will inevitably change and grow but we can influence how and where that happens.

As a resident of the Parish of Scothern, you have already helped form the vision and objectives of the Plan. There will be more opportunities for you to have your say as the Plan develops. Scothern Parish Council asked for volunteers to help create the Plan and a Steering Group was formed. The work of the group, alongside other important documents, can be reviewed via this page.

Important milestones

image icon pdf document  Notes of latest meeting (8th Sept)
image icon pdf document  Notes of latest meeting (15th June)
image icon pdf document  Notes of latest meeting (19th May)
image icon pdf document  Notes of latest meeting (7th May)

Notes from previous meetings are also available to view

Scothern Neighbourhood Plan (SNP) Consultation

Selected Steering Group reports